It takes a team to build a dream.

Bart Jenezon
Bart JenezonFounding Partner
Chief inspiration officer and founder of #1nspiring. Bart promises the inspiration canvas in 1 hour and the business plan in 1 day to create your future & make the world a better place.
Paul Beens
Paul BeensProgram Director & Partner
Paul supports you in business development by automating your customer journey workflow. During our meetups you’ll learn more about this and how it will help you attracting customers.
Maciej Kupisiewicz
Maciej KupisiewiczIT Development & Partner
Maciej is an ai & tech developer, blues and guitar player for fun. He is an experienced entrepreneur, the founder of Castomo and co-founding Jaikube, responsible for the app development & ai tools.
Serghei Ghidora
Serghei GhidoraCTO & Partner
Serghei is our chief technology officer located in Dubai. He helps ideas to overcome limitations with his multicoloured technical background. Besides that, he is working on multiple start-ups.
Josuel Rogers
Josuel RogersTrainer & Coach
Josuel is mindset advisor, motivating you to draw out their maximum potential. Helping people get comfortable with the person they are and evolve them into the person they want to be.
Ofentse Manchidi
Ofentse ManchidiSocial Media Manager
Ofentse Manchidi is our social media manager. He is also the startup founder of Neobreed and the organizer of the Neobreed Empowerment Festival.
Tessy Nkechi Egonu
Tessy Nkechi Egonu Africa
Tessy wears many hats, as she is a lawyer and serial entrepreneur but also the founder of Queentrepreneur Women’s Foundation. She assists SME’s with achieving growth through cost-effective and organised planning.
Paresh Murudkar
Paresh MurudkarIndia / South Asia
Paresh is an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad with 15 years of experience across Corporate and SME’s. His expertise include growth strategy, operational excellence and early stage fundraising.
Gerald Githunguri
Gerald GithunguriKenya/ East-Africa
Solo consultant at a company started in 2019 called Gerald Gith Energy, and through it, Gerald have partnered with mentorship organizations, mainly working to equip entrepreneurs with business skills in their social enterprises.
Vadim Yakovlev
Vadim YakovlevEastern Europe
Logical puzzle solver with experience in tech startups and the energy sector. He brings value in strategy & analysis, business development, economic modeling, negotiations, and stakeholder management.
Nelida Cathalina
Nelida CathalinaCuraçao / Caribbean
Nelida is a global business network and connections builder. The Leader in developing Export strategies. She will navigate challenges and seize oportunities to achieve sustainable Growth for your business.
Massimo D'Amico
Massimo D'Amico Southern Europe
Massimo D’Amico is an Italian Entrepreneur, author, digital Inventor and CEO of Gruppo FreeperClick. He has invented a system for any website owner to get unlimited massive traffic and profits starting
Nina Elias
Nina EliasPartner
Nina is involved in #1nspiring from the beginning as participant at an inspiration day event to partner in the company. She has accomplished some great projects such as the translation of our work into German.
Andre Bolland
Andre BollandPartner
Andre is our chief education officer for Lego Logic. Everyone gets the content tailored to his or her desired level. He is an entrepreneur in innovation and involved in the Academy, e-learning and curriculum.
Pieter de Haes
Pieter de HaesAdvisory Board
Pieter has a background in the international banking world with a focus on commercial and general management. He has obtained substantial experience with coaching entrepreneurs from startups to scaleups.
Rob van de Meer
Rob van de MeerAdvisory Board & Partner
Rob is an all-round entrepreneur with experience in a variety of industries. He is supporting entrepreneurs in their businesses and growth challenges,
through expert consultancy and pragmatic capital sourcing.
Marc Wesselink
Marc WesselinkAdvisory Board
Marc is a business accelerator with an international focus. He was involved as a co-founder of 12 start-ups. Because of his extensive knowledge of Finance/ IT/ HRM and Marketing & Sales he is able to connect both worlds.
Jin Han
Jin HanAdvisory Board
Jin can help balance the people, process and technology to scale and grow businesses. Assessed more than 200+, mentored 20+, invested in 7 companies.
Michaell Magrutsche
Michaell MagrutscheBoard of Inspiration
An artist and creativity-awareness educator. His current message is to see life with the awareness of what is system-relevant and what is human-relevant where human relevance has the priority.
Zoran van Gessel
Zoran van GesselBoard of Inspiration
Zoran founded Bencis in 1999. He has 25 years of experience in private equity and corporate finance. Previously Zoran worked at Goldman Sachs and as a Senior Executive at MeesPierson.

Together we create the future

Together we are #1nspiring